Effectiveness Project Non-Certified Support Staff Evaluation System (NCSPES) Overview

View an informational overview of the Non-Certified Support Staff Evaluation System here:

NCSPES Overview


This evaluation system serves to evaluate Non-Certified staff including:

  • Administrative Assistants / Secretaries
  • Special Education Paraprofessionals
  • General Paraprofessional / Aides
  • Food Service Staff
  • Maintenance / Custodial Staff
  • Library Aides
The primary purposes of the Non-Certified Support Staff Performance Evaluation System (NCSPES) are to:
  • improve district quality by ensuring accountability for overall performance of non-certified support staff
  • provide a means for non-certified staff to set goals and contribute to successful achievement of the vision, mission, and goals of their school and school district
  • provide clear expectations for effective work performance for non-certified staff
  • promote self-growth, reflection,and improvement of overall job performance
  • encourage collaboration between the non-certified support staff employees and their evaluator
  • Job Knowledge
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Professionalism
This NCSPES evaluation system includes the following distinguishing characteristics:
  • benchmark behaviors for each of the non-certified support staff performance standards;
  • a focus on the relationship between the non-certified support staff performance and improved district achievement;
  • the use of multiple data sources for documenting performance, including opportunities for non-certified support staff to present evidence of their own performance;
  • a procedure for conducting performance reviews that stresses accountability, promotes improvement, and increases non-certified support staff involvement in the evaluation process; and
  • a support system for providing assistance when needed

The NCSPES model can be used by any district, regardless of what evaluation system is being used with certified staff.

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