Curtis Jones and Cathy Clarksen discuss the Value of Student Feedback

Listen to Cathy Clarksen, Director of Growth and Development at CESA 6 and Curtis Jones, Lead Researcher at UW-Milwaukee share the value of student feedback in less than 6 minutes.


Participation in the validation study provides students in your school(s) the opportunity to tell his/her teacher about:

    1. “My success and well-being really matter to my teacher.”
    2. “Our class is orderly, on task and respectful, with learning as our first priority.”
    3. “My teacher provides multiple good explanations; when I am confused, my teacher helps me understand.”
    4. “My teacher insists upon rigor--understanding, not just memorization--and my best effort.”
    5. “My teacher makes lessons intellectually relevant and stimulating because they are important.”
    6. “My teacher talks with me to help me understand ideas and support my learning.”

Send Cathy Clarksen a message to join the study. We are excited to have you join this tremendously important effort.

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