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EP teacher ratings will be compared with student perceptions of teacher effectiveness. Students will complete a survey about the effectiveness of their teachers. The results of these surveys will provide another critical source of information about teacher effectiveness, which will be compared to EP ratings assigned to teachers by their evaluator. A correlation between these two sources of information would provide evidence that EP ratings are a valid measure of teacher effectiveness.

This work will further provide participating districts the opportunity to explore the utility of using a validated survey instrument to inform their EP process. Districts participating in the study will receive individual teacher reports about the results of their students’ surveys. These reports, which districts typically contract outside organizations to do, provide an important and useful source of information for teachers.

EP teacher ratings will be compared to student achievement growth. Participating districts will provide student achievement scores that will be used to calculate student academic growth in reading and math. Again, a correlation between EP teacher ratings and student achievement growth would provide additional evidence as to the validity of ratings.


Learn more from the Launch Meeting that was held by reviewing the included slides.

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