Insight Platform Migration

WI districts and 2R charters utilizing Frontline are required to email Frontline at to ensure a smooth transition.

Review this link to ensure you have completed the necessary steps.

  • View overview recording by Frontline. (32 min 33 sec) This video was recorded at a DPI model UMS training. However, the upgrade process is the same regardless of model.
  • Frontline Education is holding another migration “launch” event August 16. Frontline is communicating directly with the districts. A district can reach out to to confirm participation as well. Also see information below regarding this August 16 event.

District Responsibilities

  1. Administrators that support all Frontline applications must be involved in the upgrade process.
  2. Review the data used in each solution to ensure the data matches. If only using one solution please review user data to be sure it is correct.
  3. Merge data if appropriate (if district is using more than one Frontline solution ex., Aesop and Professional Growth - Employee Evaluation).  
  4. District needs to send Invitations out to all users to have them update their Frontline ID.
  5. Sign into Frontline Education and view videos. Approximately 1:30 hours of training support
  6. Review “Resources for you and your users”


  • In Webinar #4 “Communication to your users” Review attachments for templates and communication tools. Be sure to send an email to users explaining Insight prior to sending the user invitations.
  • Users should not go into the system until after the Super Admin has completed migration and emails are deployed.

Calibration and Collaboration: Formerly MLPElevate

  • Was updated to the Insight Platform last year. If an administrator updated the MLPElevate account last year, then the administrator can sign into, will take the administrator to Calibration and Collaborate where the administrator can select the 2nd button, “I already updated my Frontline ID username and password”. If the user cannot remember the credentials, the administrator should reach out to and a representative will help to ensure that accounts are properly merged.  If the administrator did not update username and password since May 2017, the administrator should select the 1st button and can set up a new password using district email address as username.

Merging Accounts

If an evaluator created multiple accounts review Merging Multiple Accounts.


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