Artifacts vs. Files

Looking to learn about the difference between the Artifacts report and the File List report on a form?

Artifacts - The user is able to upload documents and links that will be housed directly to the form(s) configured to show the artifacts as well as the Artifact Files in the user's "My Evaluations" portfolio.

Artifacts can be added in 3 places:

1.  Attached to a form as an artifact
2.  Upload through doc log if applicable
3.  Artifact Files
If you choose option 1 above, the artifacts will be included in the documentation log through the current evaluation cycle (typically 1-3 years). Once the evaluation cycle has ended the artifacts cannot be removed.
If you choose option 3 above, the artifacts remain in the Artifact files over time.

File List - The user is able to upload a document/file directly to the form.  The document resides only on the form.
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