Odd Characters/Text in Form

This occurs when text is added via a pc/mac and then viewed on the iPad.

This is an iPad 'feature' that isn't compatible with rich text fields. If you view the same text on a pc/mac the "symbols" would be gone.  These symbols are called markup and accompany every document inputted using a rich text editor such as Word.

We recommend the iPad be strictly used as an input device in the classroom and then save your work.
Then pull your work up on a pc/mac from the office/home and finalize any items you may need to tidy up.

Inputting via iPad will result in zero (0) markup as it isn't a rich text editor.

If you wish to enter items into an observation from text editors we recommend copying them into a notepad prior to copying them into the observation.  This will strip out any and all markup on the form that is normally hidden from view.

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