Uploading Artifacts to Documentation Log

Artifacts provide evidence for the six standards. The user may upload an artifact to one or more standards. To align artifacts to multiple standards, complete the upload process and align your artifact to your first standard. Then go through the alignment process a second time to add the second standard alignment. You will then see the alignment in the box for two standards (or more if you select).  

Uploading Artifacts:

  • Login to
  • Locate and click the Documentation Log link from the main Learning Plan tab.

  • When you click on the blue link, the log will open in a new tab or window. You may now view, complete, or edit your information.
  • To upload an artifact, click the Add an Artifact button under the directions box. Complete the information fields for your artifact.

Name: Give your artifact file a name

Description: Describe your artifact for your evaluator. What is it?

Types: What kind of artifact is this? Check the best type to describe your artifact (This field may or may not be required by your district).

Categories: What category does this artifact fit? Check the best category for your artifact (This field may or may not be required by your district).

Alignment & Criteria: 

  1. First, choose a rubric. Click on the down arrow to drop-down the standards. Choose the one to which your artifact aligns.
  2. Second, in the next field to the right, click on the down arrow and check the corresponding standard criteria box.
  3. Third, click the ADD CRITERIA button. You should see the rubric and criteria appear in the box below. (If aligning artifact to more than one standard repeat the 3-step process for additional standard alignment)

File: Locate your file and click the upload button (blue “up” arrow)

URL: Select if you are uploading a web address. Paste address in the File box (Maximum 50MB).

Notify Administrator: This feature is not necessary 

Click SAVE.

If you wish to view the artifacts aligned to the standards immediately after uploading, be sure to REFRESH your screen.

Provide a summary/reflection of your artifact in the text box aligned to the artifact that you uploaded. This is an opportunity for you to summarize your artifact and why/how it shows your exceptional skill in this standard.

Examples are given under the standards, but these are only examples – not requirements.

Be sure to SAVE by clicking the SAVE button on the bottom of the form.

ONLY click SUBMIT when log is complete and ready to be reviewed by your evaluator.

To close out of the form and return to main page, close this tab and click on the Frontline Education tab in your browser to return to your main Learning Plan view. 

An Evaluator can also upload an artifact to user's forms. This can be done by going into Process View and clicking on the user's form at the bottom of Process View. If the form has an artifact file on it then the administrator would follow the same upload instructions as the user. 

The Evaluator may also upload artifacts to the educator's artifact files by locating the educator's name in the Process View and clicking the "stack of papers" icon to the right.

Next, select the “Artifacts” link.

Next, select “Upload” to name and upload an artifact or click on "Add Statement" to name and describe evidence. A maximum character length when uploading a statement is 500 characters. To view acceptable upload formats select the blue information bubble.


Follow the same directions at the beginning of the article to upload an artifact. NOTE: The user will not be able to delete an artifact that the evaluator has uploaded to any of their forms or their artifact file. Only the evaluator will be able to delete those artifacts. 

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