Acknowledge a Form

When the information on a form has been entered and submitted by an evaluator, the form will be submitted to the evaluatee for review and acknowledgement. The evaluatee will receive an email with the request to "acknowledge" the form and the form is listed under Action Required status in the My Evaluation section of the Learning Plan tab. Not all forms require evaluatee acknowledgement. 


  • Under the Action Required section, click on the hot link next to the "Action" status to open the form. 

  • Review your form.
  • Click on the ACKNOWLEDGE button at the bottom of the form.  The acknowledge button is the equivalent of an online signature.  User acknowledgement indicates the form information has been reviewed.  It does not necessary indicate agreement.

Your evaluator has now received an email that you have acknowledged the form.  The request under Action Required has now moved down to the In Progress section as you are waiting for your evaluator to finalize the form.  Once finalized, the form will move down to the Complete section. 

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