Leave of Absence Considerations

If an educator takes leave of any kind, a district must locally decide if an evaluator will be able to successfully complete the requirements of the Effectiveness Cycle given the potentially limited access to, or availability of the educator.  If you know of the leave of absence in advance, you could use the shortened time frame to collect additional evidence.

If an educator must take leave during his/her Summary Year and is exempted from completing an Effectiveness Cycle at that time by the district, the district should place that educator into a summary year upon repeat.  This process would require a new evaluation type identifying that it is a repeating cycle.  See process below.

If an educator must take leave during a Supporting Year, it is still up to the district to determine whether or not they will be able to complete the requirements of the Effectiveness Cycle on schedule.  However, since the educator is in a Supporting Year, there may be a significant amount of time until that educator is required to conclude his/her Effectiveness Cycle, so there may be no impact to the scheduled Summary Year.

The limited availability of an educator due to being on leave may also mean that a Student Learning Objective/Program Learning Objective/School Learning Objective (SLO), Artifacts, and Survey may need to be, at a minimum, revised or, in extraordinary situations, exempted, at the discretion of the district.

Required MyLearningPlan Process for Summative Year Repeat Evaluation Cycle:  This requires creating a new evaluation type that includes a summative data pull of 4 years.

Current Year:

  • Zero instance Summative Report form/element.  To do this go to the user’s process view, locate the Summative Performance component, click the gear and change the instance to zero.
  • Finalize all other forms.  Some forms may have content while others may be finalized empty.  Finalizing blank forms in this situation is acceptable.
  • Go to evaluation types to create a new evaluation type.  Must include the word “repeat” when naming the evaluation type.  Remember to create for teachers, educational specialists and school administrators as needed.  (Example:  “CT3 Repeat,” “NT3 Repeat”)

IMPORTANT:  If creating a “repeat” evaluation type you must also create the subsequent evaluation cycles as ‘repeat” cycles until you are ready to restart an evaluation cycle.  For example, if you are creating a Continuing Teacher 2 Repeat evaluation type, you must also create a Continuing Teacher 3 Repeat evaluation. The reason for this is to ensure the identified evaluation type includes all required data that is mapped to the summative.

  • Complete the identified sections.  Click Submit.

Roll-Over:  Complete when you roll over all other users

  • Click on the Roll Over tool in the left navigation bar.
  • Follow the Frontline Employee Evaluation roll over process.  When checking users for correct next evaluation type be sure to change users that were on a leave of absence to the repeat evaluation type.

Set Up Process for Next Year:

  • Go to Component Manager to add desired components to the evaluation process for the “Repeat” evaluation type.

REQUIRED:  To ensure the evidence and data collected for the “repeat” evaluation type is mapped to a 4 year cycle, submit a help ticket to  Submit your request for mapping a 4 year summative using a repeat evaluation type.

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