Browser Requirements

Browser Requirements
Given the changing landscape of web browsers and advancements in technology, it's becoming increasingly difficult to identify specific browser versions that are supported. Our general operating principles are such that MyLearningPlan will support any current conventional (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) browser version as well as the prior version. Additionally, we will support any browser that maintains 10% or more of the overall usage. Users will have the best experience using Google Chrome or Firefox.
Please note that other conventional browsers have been used with MyLearningPlan with no reported issues. Supported indicates MyLearningPlan will correct bugs/errors for customers using those browsers/versions; Compatible indicates that while most features of the site may work fine, an upgrade to supported browser/version may be required.
At of the end of the 2015 school year, MyLearningPlan will no longer support Internet Explorer 8.
As Microsoft releases new versions of Internet Explorer, they discontinue technical support, security updates and compatibility fixes for older versions. Because this support is no longer offered for Internet Explorer 8, MLP will discontinue building MyLearningPlan’s compatibility with this browser version. As Frontline Technologies improves its products’ functionality and add new enhancements, those who continue to use Internet Explorer 8 will find that their MyLearningPlan system will not operate on this browser.
MyLearningPlan will continue to support Internet Explorer 9 and above, as well as other currently supported browsers. 
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