Getting Started User Guide

Go to (Bookmark the site for easier access next time).

In the upper right hand corner is the Registered User Login box.

  • Enter your default Username –your district email address
  • Enter your default Password – changeme (Hint to do this immediately!)
  • Click LOGIN button
  • You will be prompted to create a new password.  Input a new password and record for future use.

Click on the Learning Plan tab, you will notice 4 grey-highlighted categories:

  • The Scheduled Components sub-section displays any forms that have been scheduled by your evaluator.
  • The Action Required sub-section displays any forms that are awaiting your action, such as review, submit, and/or acknowledgement (your online signature).
  • The In Progress sub-section displays any forms that have been initiated and are under way.
  • The Complete sub-section displays any forms that have been completed along with the date and time that they were completed.

In the example below, you will see an ACTION REQUIRED item. In this example, the Teacher Professional Goal Setting Plan is listed with 2 important details about this form (status, and action).

The STATUS of each form is labeled in blue. It tells you what needs to be done or about the status of the form in the evaluation process.  The ACTION requested is a “hot link” in blue. You can click on the “blue” link to open the form and take the requested action. A red exclamation point next to an item indicates an overdue form.

When you click on the “blue” link to open a form, it will open in new tab on your browser window. You may now view, complete, edit, and/or take the required action needed.

Be sure to SAVE your form by clicking the save button on the bottom of the form. Click SUBMIT only when you are ready to have your evaluator see your form.

To close out of the form and return to main page, close this tab and click on the "My Learning Plan" tab in your browser to return to your main Learning Plan view.

To close out of the program, click the LOGOUT button on the main LearningPlan view located in the upper right hand corner just above the orange Learning Plan tab.


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