Increase or Decrease Component Instances

Looking to add an additional component to an evaluatee?  There are two options to increase a component instance and add the form/form(s).

Option One:  Add Component Instances using the Process View

Evaluations - Administration - Process View

An evaluator with Rights to the Component Instances for a user will see a Gear Icon within the Process View.

An evaluator can click that gear to increase or decrease the number of instances of that component available within the evaluation process.  If an evaluator is not given specific Evaluation or Component Rights to assign Component Instances, this action will only be available to a Super Admin in the site with access to the "Component Manager."  (If there are evaluators in your district who do not have rights to the Component Instances please contact your Super Admin.)

In order for a component to be visible in Process View it would need to be added to the District Process using Component Manager.  If the component is not visible but has been added to the District Process and set to zero instances the evaluator may click on the “Manage 0 instances components." Select the desired Component and change the zero to the number of instances desired.  It is recommended to change the instances one at a time.  Once you have added the component you can increase using the gear.


Option 2: Adding Component Instances Via the Component Manager (this can only be done by an adminstrator who has Component Manager rights)

Go to Evaluations - Components - Component Manager.

Locate the evaluation type in the District Process that you want to change.  

Click on the component on the Template side (left side of Component Manager) that you want to add and drag to the District Process.  You will now have the component available to all users in that specific evaluation type.  

If you wish to use the added component for select users only in an evaluation type, you will need to click on the gear at the component level.

 Next, check the box to default to zero instances and then click “save component.”

Then, go to User Components and select the user you wish to add the component to, scroll to the component you added at zero instances and increase the instance to one.

Now, that user is the only user in the identified evaluation type that will have the form/element in the evaluation process.

The evaluator can also go into Process View and increase per directions at the top of this article. 


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