Default to Collapse vs. Expanded Indicator Rubrics

If the indicators rubric is set to "collapse" in the "Section Properties" of the form, evaluatees will not see the evidence aligned to specific indicators unless at least 1 indicator within the standard is scored as "area of strength or area for growth." You can change the "Section Properties" settings from collapsed to expanded on forms using indicators. 

Steps to change the Section Properties settings from collapsed to expanded on forms using indicators:
1.  Click on District Admin, scroll down left navigation bar and click on Component Manager.
2.  Under your “District Process” select the appropriate evaluation type for which you wish to make the change.
3.  Locate the form you wish to change and click on the edit “pencil”.  You are now on the “Form Designer Surface.”
4.  Locate the Standard 1 Indicators blue bar and click on the bar:  You will see orange dots surrounding the section.  To the right of the form is a box with two tabs, section properties and form settings.  The section properties tab is bolded as you have selected a section. 
5.  Scroll down and you will see a section titled: Default to collapsed.  If you wish for the indicators on the form to be expanded uncheck the box.
Note:  This process will need to be completed for each Standard indicators section on the form.  Additionally, this process will need to be completed for each evaluation type if you are making changes on the District Process side.

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