Adding File Upload Capabilities to a Form

Looking to be able to upload a document electronically to a form?  The File Upload tool will allow you to attach a file.  The document will only be housed on the form where it was uploaded.

1. Click on the Evaluations - Components  then click on Component Manager.

2. Locate the desired form in the evaluation component template on the left side of the component manager and click on the pencil icon to edit. (You may also need to edit in the district process if you want the file upload available to forms currently in the District Process)

3. Locate the file upload icon in the toolbox on left.  

4. Click and drag the File Upload tool to the desired location on the form designer surface.  As you drag the "File Upload "over your form - you will see sections of the form appear with an orange outline.  Release the tool and it will locate above the orange highlighted section of the form. (if the tool drops in the incorrect location - click and drag it to the desired location). Changes are automatically saved. 

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