Editing Directions on Forms

Generally there are directions at the beginning of the form.  Forms can be edited in the component manager in two different locations: Evaluation Component Template (left side of component manager) or District Process (right side of component manager).

NOTE: Forms edited in the Evaluation Component Template will remain there and available to add to your district process for use with multiple evaluation types.  Edits completed in the District Process only change the form in the evaluation type where the edit occurred.

To edit directions from the District Process:

  1. (Legacy) Click on District Admin Tab and select component manager from left navigation bar. (Insights) Click on Evaluations - Components - then click on Component Manager. Identify and locate the form that you wish to edit. This can be done on the Template or District Process side. 
  2. Click on the pencil to open form in "edit" mode.
  3. Click on the section of text that you desire to edit.  When selected the text will be surrounded by a thin dashed orange line.
  4. Click on section properties tab to display a rich text box where you can edit your directions. Edits are automatically saved.  NOTE:  The editing takes place in the section properties box.  Typical editing tools are available including: bold, italicize, underline, etc.  As you enter text into the text box the changes will automatically appear in your document.  Enter text by keyboarding info rich text field.  Do not paste text into this box!

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