How Can Information Be Customized in Frontline's Detail View?

Customizing Information Display: A Guide to Filtering, Sorting, and Saving Views in the Frontline Detail View for Efficient Data Management

Using the filtering and sorting tools in Detail View allows you to customize the information display to suit your specific needs. Save your preferred views with personalized names for easy access to the ones you utilize frequently.

1. Follow path: Evaluations > Administration DETAIL VIEW.

2. If data does not populate, locate the  'Buildings' filter in the Detail View Filters. Select the checkbox next to 'Select All' and click 'Apply'.

fl 1

3. At the bottom of the page, you will find a bar that lists the number of pages and elements displayed per page. On the right side of the bar, you can see the number of 'displayed elements' in the current filter. For example, in the image below, it shows only 1-50 elements even though there are 149 elements in the filter. By default, the system shows 50 elements per page.

To ensure all elements in the applied filter are included, adjust the number of elements displayed per page to be greater than the total number of elements. For example, in the image above, changing the Per Page number to 150 will show all elements in the filter. After increasing the Per Page number, the page will display all forms within the applied filter. As seen in the image below, the displayed elements now range from 1 to 149.

detail view 3

4.  Utilize the columns to filter based on your preferences such as User, Admin, and Eval Type.

5. It can be helpful to save views that you have created to easily display certain data in a format that is most useful to you.  See the article, 'Saving, Sharing and/or Formatting a Detail View' in the EP Help Center.

6. If you wish to email one or more users using the Detail View see the article, "Using Email Option in Detail View" in the EP Help Center.