Assign Forms Using Detail View with Support Video

Assigning forms should not be confused with Evaluator Rights.  Multiple evaluators can participate in the evaluation process of an individual.  However, ONE administrator needs to be responsible for completing and finalizing (thumbs-up icon) the form.

Assigning scheduled and non-scheduled forms to the responsible evaluator at the beginning of the evaluation cycle will give the evaluator the most up-to-date ADMIN VIEW (at-a-glance of what needs to be done, what is complete, etc…).
Assigning forms is best done by filtering forms through the DETAIL VIEW, but can also be done in the PROCESS VIEW by clicking on the Man-with-Green-Arrow for each individual form.

To Assign Forms Using Detail View follow the step-by-step process.  If you prefer to listen and view a demonstration of the process view the Assigning Forms in Detail View Video Support.

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