Assigning Evaluation Rights for All Users vs. Assigning Super Admin Rights

To maintain a higher level of security in your Frontline Employee Evaluation platform limit the number of administrators who have Super Admin rights.  If you want an administrator to have access to all users being evaluated assign evaluation rights.

Click on Evaluations.

Go to Components and click on Evaluation Rights.

Click on Add Evaluation Rights (green circle).

On the Choose the Rights Level screen, click on “User Level Rights”.  Click Next.

Choose the administrator to include. Click Next.

Click “Select All” (When assigning rights make certain to uncheck the name of the administrator you are assigning evaluation rights to, thus the administrator will not be evaluating himself/herself.  Also, uncheck any other administrators on the page(s) that will not be evaluated by the selected administrator.)

Important: If the box above shows more than one page, you will need to click the arrow to select each page and click "select all" for each page.

Click Next

Choose the rights to include:  Click “Select All”.  Click Next.

Review the rights.  Click Submit

Note:  Complete this process for individual administrators you would like to have evaluation rights for all of your users. 

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