Adding a Date Field to a Form

Click on Evaluations - Components - Component Manager

Click on Component Manager. Locate the Component folder in the Evaluation Component Template side (left side) of the component manager.  Expand the folder to view the forms. Click on the edit pencil to the right of the form to open and edit the form.

Note: If the form you would like to add the date field to is in the District Process locate the designated form and click the edit pencil.

Click on the "Date" tool in the toolbox on the left and drag over to the location of your form where you wish to locate the date.  (The date field will be added above the field that becomes outlined)



With the date field selected (orange dotted line around field) find the Section Properties on the right side.


1. If you want the field to be required check the "required' box.

2. Check include in Print View to allow the field to display if the form is printed.

3. Optional: adjust the width of the "Field".

4. Check bold

5. Change the word "DateField" (i.e. Date of Observation, etc.)





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