Sending Messages to Staff in Frontline

You are able to send messages/reminders to staff.  Frontline users will see the message on the front page when they sign into the Frontline application. Only administrators with appropriate rights can enter messages here.

  1. (Legacy) From District Admin tab: Click on Config Summary then Click on "Info & News" on left navigation bar. (Insights) Click on Configuration Tools - Site Configuration - News and Infor List 
  2. In the Configuration Summary window click ADD button to put message on the board.  (You will be able to choose a date when the message will appear as well as an expiration date.)
  3. Select the audience to receive the message.  If the message is to go to all do not check District Admin or Instructor.
  4. Title the article, type the message and click SAVE button at bottom.
  5. Message will appear on the evaluatee’s home MLP page above “My evaluations” bar.
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