Setting up a Required Field on a Form

Different sections of a form can be set to be "required" to ensure the user completes the section. This can only be done by administrators with advanced rights.

1. Go to Component Manager and locate the form needing a "required" field(s). Remember to make the change on the template side before pulling the forms into the District Process unless you want to customize the "required" setting for specific evaluation types.

2.  Click on the edit pencil for the selected form.

3.  Locate the section(s) on the form you wish to require and click.  The selected section will be outlined in yellow/orange.

4. Look to the right and click "Section Properties."  The example shows a "textbox" section.

5.  Check the "Required" box

The Form Designer will save the change automatically.

In the Form Designer click on the field that is required and then in the Section Properties of that field click on the checkbox next to “Required”. The Form Designer will save the change automatically.

6. . The “Required” Exclamation Mark will appear next to the field that is required when the form is open.

7. An error message will appear if the required field(s) is/are not filled out on the form.

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