Adding/Editing Users to One or Multiple Evaluator's View

I have added a new user, but the administrator (evaluator) does not see the user in the evaluator(s) list for evaluation.

You must assign evaluation rights for the admin to the new user.  Evaluation - Components -then click on EVALUATION RIGHTS.

In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click on the green circle with white plus sign (Add Evaluation Rights) to activate the evaluation rights wizard.  If you added minimal users, you can assign rights at the user level, or you can assign rights at the building level. 

 The Evaluation Rights Wizard allows system administrators to designate evaluator rights for specific staff members by USER, BUILDING, or DEPARTMENT.  The system also allows for specific rights to be granted to evaluators or other designatees (e.g., peer coaches)  to VIEW, COMMENT, or SUBMIT forms for a specific user or users.

When the Evaluation Wizard opens, the first thing you will do is choose your administrators/evaluators.

  • ​Choose those you wish to have eval rights by clicking on the box. You can choose as many as needed.
  • Click the NEXT button in the bottom right corner of the wizard window.
  • Next, chose the user. Click on the single user that will be evaluated. Click NEXT.
  • Complete the wizard and click SUBMIT.

If an evaluator does not see some or all of their evaluatees in the Process View upon entering the system, it may be that the evaluator needs to be assigned evaluation rights, especially for new user.

The "Add a New User/Edit an Existing User - 4 Step Process" article provides further detail.


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