Using the Effectiveness Project Innovation Configuration

Using the Effectiveness Project Innovation Configuration

Determine your current status

Use the following color coding approach to determine your district or school’s current status of educator effectiveness implementation. Grab your highlighter and start marking...

  • Green = implemented/sustained and good to go
  • Yellow = partially implemented and working on it
  • Pink = just starting out and building awareness

Look at your results

Now that you have a visual picture of where you are:  What are areas of strength?  Areas for growth?

More Guiding Questions:

How can EP fit into the continuous improvement process? What have you done to make this happen?

What current structures and processes can you leverage?

Do a Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis is a useful technique for analyzing the forces for and against a change, and to help communicate the reasoning behind your decision. You can use it for two purposes: to decide whether to go ahead with the change; and to increase your chances of success, by strengthening the forces supporting change and weakening those against it.

What impedes EP implementation?

What fosters EP implementation?


Looking at the yellow and pink areas and the forces that impede and foster implementation, what are your next steps?
 Click here for a template with these questions.Putting together the Innovation Configuration and the Force Field Analysis

  • Goal(s): What are the actionable priorities for implementing EE
  • Strategies/Activities: What steps will you take to reach your goal? What tasks will you complete along the way?
  • Timeline/Staff: What is your timeline to implement the strategies? With whom will you collaborate to reach the goal?
  • Evaluation Criteria/Evidence: What evaluation criteria or evidence will you use to show that strategies have been implemented and are successful?
  • Benchmarks: How are we doing? What are the benchmarks by which you will measure your activities?
  • Sustainability Statement: How will you sustain your efforts (Year 1)? How will you institutionalize your change efforts?  Years 2-3
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