Assigning Ad-Hoc Forms from Detail View

The Ad-Hoc feature enables any form(s)/element(s) designated as Ad-Hoc (in the Form Designer), to be assigned to a user and managed separately from the regular evaluation process.

This is useful because the forms/elements are completed and data is stored in the same way as a regular form/element, but the results are not part of the regular evaluation process.  Ad-Hoc forms/elements may be assigned and completed by building administrators as often as needed, providing a way to offer timely feedback to users.

Use these steps to assign an ad-hoc form/element from the Detail View.

1. Use the check box on the left side of the Detail View to select any Ad-Hoc form/element, in order to activate the Actions button.

 2. Select Add Ad-Hoc Elements from the Actions menu.

3. Select the Ad-Hoc form(s)/element(s) that you would like to assign.

4. Set the Form Settings

5. Choose the Element Settings

 Instances:  The number of times that the form will be completed

Requires Acknowledgement:  The completed form/element must be acknowledged by the user before finalization

Show in User’s Portfolio:  The form will be viewable in the user’s portfolio along with the regular evaluation components.

6. Select the user(s) for whom the form/element will be completed.

7. Select the administrator who will be assigned the form(s)/element(s).

8. Click Submit

Note:  Newly assigned Ad-Hoc forms/elements are accessible as a row in the Detail View and at the bottom of a user’s Evaluation Profile in the Process View.  They can be completed, reassigned or finalized from either the Detail View or the Process View.

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