Create, Assign, and Add Ad-Hoc Forms

The Frontline Employee Evaluation Ad-Hoc feature enables any form(s) designated as “Ad-Hoc” (in the Form Designer), to be assigned to a user and managed separately from the regular evaluation process.

This is useful should you have forms you would like to have stored the same way as the regular form, but the results are not part of the regular evaluation process.  Ad-Hoc may be assigned and used by building administrators as often as needed if the administrator has the ad-hoc district right.  The ad-hoc feature providing a way to offer timely feedback to teachers in a more informal manner.

Use these steps to CREATE an ad-hoc form:

1. Click on Evaluations then go to Design Tools and click on Form Designer.

2. Using Form Designer create your form.  Common fields used when creating a form are:  text, rich text, instructions, sections, and file upload.  To learn what each field does hover over the field in question on the left navigation bar.

3. In Form Settings check the box for "Is this an ad-hoc form".  The form will now be available for administrators who have Ad-Hoc Rights.

Use these steps to ASSIGN Ad-Hoc Rights: (Only administrators with SuperAdmin rights can assign Ad-Hoc Element rights.)

1. Click Evaluations then go to Config and click Admin Rights.

2. If administrator is listed and does not have Ad-Hoc rights: Click the pencil to edit and click the box for the Ad-Hoc Elements.  Next, click submit.

3. If the administrator does not show in the Manage Admin Rights box: click on Add Admin Rights (green circle with plus sign).  Click the User Level and then click next on bottom right.  Next, select Administrator(s) name(s), click on next, Click box for Ad-Hoc Elements, click next, review the information to determine if all information is correct and click submit.

Use these steps to assign an ad-hoc form:

1. Below the user’s evaluation process, click add element (green circle with plus sign).

Note: the Ad-Hoc section will become visible after at least one form has been designated as “Ad-Hoc” in the Form Settings of the Form Designer.

2. Select the Ad-Hoc form/element you would like.

3. Determine if the form/element will Require Acknowledgement and/or if it should show in the User’s Portfolio.

4. Identify the number of instances the form/element you’d like to assign to that user.

5. Click Submit

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