Accessing System Reports

System reports are created when specific district data is needed that is not available in other reporting tools (Rubric Explorer, Growth Explorer, and Composite Score Explorer). The system reports are created on a request basis by submitting a help ticket to The development of the report take approximately 7 - 10 business days to complete. Once a report is available the customer support team member will contact the customer.  CESA 6 has requested some reports be placed into all Effectiveness Project districts.  For this reason, you may see some reports all ready built in your platform.

Step 1:  Click Evaluations - Report Tools - System Reports

Step 2:  Click on the system report you would like to review.  (i.e. Student Learning Objective Report)

Step 3:  Scroll to bottom of page and click view report

Step 4:  Report will upload to screen for review.

Step 5:  Optional:  Export data – see options at bottom of screen.



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