Hide SUBMIT button on form

System administrators may choose to "hide" or turn off the SUBMIT button on a form to avoid any issue with users submitting forms too early or submitting the wrong form.  

Adding a date to the "submission start date" field will remove the Submit button from the form until the date specified is reached. Prior to that date the form may only be saved by the end user. This is to avoid premature submission of forms.

 System admins can "turn on" the SUBMIT button on a date specified in the FORM SETTINGS of the specific form.  

1.  Go to Component Manager
2.  Go to the District Process (right) side
3.  Select the appropriate evaluation type (This process would need to be completed for all chosen evaluation types.)
4.  Go to the form and select the edit pencil (This example uses the Professional Goal Setting Review

5.  Form will open in the form designer.  Look to the right for the FORM SETTINGS tab.  Click on FORM SETTINGS.  The tab will turn dark blue.
6.  Under FORM SETTINGS section, look for SUBMISSION START DATE.

7.  Click on calendar icon to choose the date when you would like the SUBMIT button to appear on the form.  The change is automatically saved to the form settings.

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