Artifact Types or Categories

System administrators can edit ARTIFACT TYPES or ARTIFACT CATEGORIES as they appear in the “ADD AN ARTIFACT” window for the Type and Category sections. 



Note: If the district chooses not to use Types and Categories the setting must be turned off in District Settings.

If the district chooses to require Artifact Types and Categories when uploading an artifact follow the steps below:

  1. Click District Admin (Legacy)  Evaluations (Insights)
  2. Click Config Summary (Legacy) Config (Insights)
  3. Select Artifact Types - on left navigation bar (or ARTIFACT CATEGORIES) (Legacy) or Artifact Types or Categories under Config (Insights.  This example shows how to edit an ARTIFACT TYPE.  The same process applies to editing the ARTIFACT CATEGORIES.
  4. The list of active ARTIFACT TYPES appears, and the non-active types would show below this list under that section.
  5. To add a type or category, click the ADD button and complete the details.

To edit and ARTIFACT TYPE, click on the name of the type to open the details window.  When adding new evaluation types you need to click on the "Evaluation Type" options and select the newly added evaluation type.




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