September 2016

September 27, 2016 EPIC Agenda

September 27, 2016 EPIC Agenda will share with you the topics for the day. 

Executive Summary Spring Audit 2015-2016

Executive Summary Spring Audit 15-16 shares the results of our EP Audit.  You can also review the priorities of our Effectiveness Project team as a result of the audit.  

WI Educator Staffing

WI Educator Staffing is a resource for you to review to bring up ideas on how to attract, recruit and retain effective educators.

Eric Twadell WOW Extension - Assessment Literacy

Eric Twadell set the stage for WOW participants this year with Assessment Literacy.  Our team is sharing with you a great extension activity to use with your staff.  


Fullan Coherence Infographic

Check out Fullan Coherence Infographic on internal and external accountability. 

Calibration Collaboration

Calibration Collaboration will get participants talking about different strategies they use to calibrate each semester.  


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