November 2015

November EPIC Meeting Agenda

The November EPIC Meeting Agenda includes Leadership and Learning Analysis, standards deep dive sneak peak, finding your observation tendencies and supporting new administrators, and MLP information.  

Blank Summary Report Of District Reflection

Leadership and Learning Analysis (LLA) was shared at the November EPIC meeting.  A Blank Summary Report of District Reflection can demonstrate items that districts will address.   

Finding Your Observation Tendencies And Supporting New Administrators

The presentation on Finding Your Observation Tendencies and Supporting New Administrators has guiding questions to get an evaluator thinking about observation tendencies while using the Rubric Explorer in MyLearningPlan OASYS.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Calibration

The answers to the following questions can be found in Frequently Asked Questions about Calibration

What is Certification/Calibration?

What is the EP Certification process and what does it mean for me?

What happens if I do not pass the calibration plan that I use for my certification assessment?

Is Calibration required by DPI?

Will I get a certificate that I have completed certification?

My name is spelt wrong on my certificate, how do I change that?

I am a district administrator, how do I know that administrative staff has calibrated?

I am a principal, how do I know my associate principals have calibrated? 

What is recalibration? 

And more....

MyLearningPlan OASYS Scenarios

As an EPIC of a school district many different situations come up with MLPOASYS.  Review the MyLearningPlan OASYS Scenarios and see if you can answer the questions. 

Rubric Explorer Reports

Rubric Explorer Reports has prompts to ask yourself about your teachers, educational specialists, and school administrators. Such questions are:

What standards have the highest scores?

What standards have the lowest scores?

Which educators are strong in areas where we struggle as a district?

And more....

Sample Of Ed Specialist Deep Dive Standard 5

An educational specialist deep dive is available for districts.  A portion of the Ed Specialist Deep Dive Standard 5 can be reviewed to see if this would be right for your educators.  

Sample Of Standard 5 Eptein's Keys

Eptein's Framework for six types of involvement was used and shared as a sample of standard 5 during the November EPIC meeting.  

Sample Standard 5 Template

Sample Standard 5 Template can be used to organize activities.  

School Administrator Rubric Scoring Tool

School Administrator Rubric Scoring Tool shares descriptive words from the school administrator scoring rubric for each standard.  Another great aspect of this document would be finding descriptions from sample illustrations and/or what each standard could look like in practice. This tool would also be a great resource for all school administrators in a district.


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