April 2017

Agenda April 2017

Explore Agenda April 2017 to access the topics that were shared and explored.  

EPIC Meeting Powerpoint

EPIC Meeting Powerpoint

Strong-Teacher Recruitment Article

Strong-Teacher Recruitment Article shares the importance of wisely recruiting, selecting and retaining effective teachers.  An effective teacher has the largest effect on student success.  

SLO Rubric

The SLO Rubric can help guide SLO conversations to drive growth in educators.  Consider how this tool could be used as you approach end of year SLO season.  

New EPIC - UMS Leaders Training

Do you have a new EPIC your UMS leader in your district?  We have online learning opportunities for these new leaders in the fall.  Check out New EPIC - UMS Leaders Training.  

Educational Specialist Strategic Hiring Template

Educational Specialist Strategic Hiring Template will be used during the EPIC meeting by participants to create a useful tool when finding the perfect fit for your district.  


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