April 2016

April 2016 EPIC Agenda

April 2016 EPIC Agenda shares short descriptions on the topics of the day.  These topics include EP Success from the Trenches, Strategies for Struggling Educators, Revised SLO Rubric, Confidentiality of Student Data, MLPOASYS and Effective Evaluation Processes Remain the Cornerstone. 

CESA 6 Article (Student Records)

Learn more about student records in this CESA 6 Article (Student Records).  

The overall purpose of the Wisconsin's Educator Effectiveness Evaluation System is to provide students with highly qualified and effective educators who positively impact student learning.  Read more....

Collaboratively Developed CESA 6 EP Strategic Hiring Rubrics For Teachers

Collaboratively Developed CESA 6 EP Strategic Hiring Rubrics for Teachers was created with districts at EPIC meetings to develop rating ideas.  This tool could be used by administrators to help guide conversation when hiring educators. 

Effective Evaluation Processes Remain The Cornerstone Of Educator Effectiveness In Wisconsin

Effective Evaluation Processes Remain the Cornerstone of Educator Effectiveness in Wisconsin could be used to message to your employees about the impact of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) on Educator Effectiveness.  Share with your employees and colleagues to build understanding.  

EP Article (Pupil Records)

Learn more about video recording in the K-12 classroom in this EP Article (Pupil Records). With requirements in edTPA it is important to know how to accurately use video in classrooms.

EP Scenarios

EP Scenarios were shared and discussed during the April EPIC meeting.  Find these scenarios in this document and see if an administrative discussion on these scenarios would be helpful for your team.  

After the discussion has taken place, use the EP Scenario Answers to compare.  

SLO Language 2014-2017

SLO Language 2014-2017 shares with you the changes in the SLO rubric from 2014 to 2017.  Please share the changes with educators and continue the message of importance on the process.  

Standard 2: Calibration Practice Example

Standard 2: Calibration Practice Example is another way of having an administrative team calibrate during a semester.  This standard 2 example can assist in setting up the framework for an administrative team to explore all six standards.  


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