April 2015

April Agenda

The April 2015 EPIC Agenda shares short descriptions on the topics for the meeting.  Such topics were data extraction and scoring, end of year implementation and planning and focus groups.  

End Of Year Sample Timeline

End of Year Sample Timeline will give evaluators an outline to follow for the end of the school year with the Effectiveness Project components.  

Katherine Brown Summative

The Katherine Brown Summative is an example of an educator's completed summative form in MyLearningPlan OASYS.  

Preparing For End Of Year Conferences

The end of the year is almost here.  Preparing for End of Year Conferences will help relieve stress for your upcoming meetings.  Many resources have been collected for school administrators to make preparing easier and also to assist school administrators in being more confident.  

Summative Evaluation Tips

With summative evaluations right around the corner you might find these Summative Evaluation Tips helpful.  Some tips include: 

  • When comparing the documented evidence with the performance rubric, start with “effective” rating and move up or down the scale only when the evidence justifies it.  
  • Focus on effectiveness throughout the process.

And more...

Teacher Rubric Scoring Tool

Teacher Rubric Scoring Tool shares descriptive words from the teacher scoring rubric for each standard. Another great aspect of this document would be finding descriptions from sample illustrations and/or what it looks like in practice. This tool would also be a great resource for all teachers in a school building.

Teacher Summative Coaching Conversations Template

Outlining the summative conversations can assist school administrators in using a coaching approach when conferencing with teachers.  The Teacher Summative Coaching Conversations Template can be used to outline your conversation so the school administrator focuses on what each educator needs.  

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