February 2015

EPIC Agenda

The February EPIC Agenda 2015 shares the focus for the meeting with such topics as MyLearningPlan, providing formative feedback to educational specialists, new resources and implementation planning halfway home.  

New Resources

The EP Team has created many New Resources for all of our EP clients.  The resources include DAPES and COPES overview, educational specialist indicators and online PD.  

Principal Mid-Way Check

Principal Mid-Way Check is a resource to help school administrators monitor their progress in completing observations even if administrators have not started yet half way through the school year.  

The Sticky Business Of Ineffective Performance

It happens.  An evaluator and evaluatee disagree on the rating of evidence or perhaps disagree on the data collected in an observation.  The Sticky Business of Ineffective Performance is your guide for each form in the evaluation system and possible ways to document rebuttals in MyLearningPlan. It is important for each district to have a conversation along with legal counsel to determine their local processes, policies and procedures.

Using Educator Effectiveness Data

Using EE Data for improvement of instructional practice will assist in growing your educators.  Find many reflective questions to guide school administrators in using educator effectiveness data.  

Will your decision for data use impact educators positively or negatively? For example:

  • Will the decision impact how educators rate themselves or their staff and, if yes, will this result in quality feedback or formative information to educators resulting in improved practice?
  • Will educators continue to feel comfortable collaborating with their peers?
  • Will educators continue to feel comfortable speaking honestly and openly with their evaluators?
  • Will educators continue to feel student growth is the center of this System?
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