September 2014

Benefits of District Administrator Performance Evaluation System (DAPES)

 During the September 2014 EPIC meeting the Benefits of the District Administrator Performance Evaluation System was shared with participants.  Learn more about DAPES by reviewing this powerpoint. 

EPIC Agenda

September 2014 EPIC Agenda shares opportunities to choose workshops that best suit their needs in supporting the Effectiveness Project (EP) in their district. The morning will be devoted to workshops based on regional feedback and “must knows” for successful ongoing EP implementation.

Executive Summary Spring Audit Report 2013-14

The Executive Summary Spring Audit Report for 2013-14 focuses on systems training, implementation, and MyLearningPlan.  The Effectiveness Project team has stated priorities based on the results of the spring audit.  

Introduction To Central Office Performance Evaluation System (COPES)

At the September EPIC meeting, an Introduction to the Central Office Performance Evaluation System was shared.  You can learn more about COPES by viewing this powerpoint and get your questions answered.  

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