Mapping data from PGS Plan to Mid Interval to End of Interval and PPG

Frontline Education’s Employee Evaluation Management tool allows for information to be carried or reported from one evaluation form to another. The process of configuring the report sections on the destination forms to pull in the desired information from other forms is called mapping. Essentially, you are selecting the specific sections from the originating forms in a report section on the destination form to tell the system what data you want to appear. The benefit of this functionality is that it pulls data that is entered in multiple locations to a single summary form. This allows educators to easily review all data collected during the evaluation cycle in one place rather than having to review multiple source documents.

To map the 4 forms review the article below.

How to map the Professional Goal Setting Plan evidence to the SLO Mid-Interval Review, SLO End of Interval Review, and Professional Practice (PPG) Review.

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