Enter/Update WISEid's

A WISEid is a unique, permanent, and unduplicated person identifier assigned to each person by DPI to maintain person information for schools.  Its purpose is to prevent some data quality issues in state and federal reports and enable detailed data collection/reporting in other WISE applications.

More information about WISEid:

DPI requests that districts keep the WISEid's of users up to date for the following reasons:

  • DPI is developing a process to use the EEP as an option for licensure (as an option to the PDP), we are developing an optional verification form that can be completed in MLP. Then, DPI will run a report of those completed forms to cut out a step of educators submitting the form.  We will need the WISEid to connect the form to the licensure info in ELO.
  • External evaluator (Curtis Jones of UW-Milwaukee) pulls data from MLP to conduct the evaluation of the EE System.

The article "EP/EE Districts Updating WISEid's" explains the steps and options for ensuring users are assigned a WISEid.

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